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R&D Organization and Locations

R&D Organization

R&D Organization

Overviews of Engineering Divisions and Development Centers

Memory Technology Research and Development Center 더보기

The Memory Technology Research and Development Center is engaged in the development of device, process, and circuit technologies for next-generation nonvolatile memory, as well as next-generation lithography technology. While exploring new principles of operation and device structures, it is developing new types of memory that are attracting lots of attention as next-generation storage class memory (SCM), so as to cultivate new markets.

Advanced Memory Development Center

The Advanced Memory Development Center is conducting R&D on BiCS FLASH™, a type of 3D flash memory that Toshiba Memory Corporation was the first to develop in the world, while serving as a bridge between R&D and volume production. The Advanced Memory Development Center is engaged in the development of a wide range of cutting-edge technologies. Engineering divisions, including those for advanced module development, memory device development, unit process development, and process integration, closely collaborate with one another, facilitating technological development using production lines at Yokkaichi Operations.

Digital-Process Innovation Center

With the aim of increasing productivity, the Digital-Process Innovation Center has introduced AI to Yokkaichi Operations to analyze big data with high accuracy and thereby improve yield. In addition, the Digital Process Innovation Center contributes to maximizing efficiency based on digitization, minimizing costs, and stabilizing product quality and production operations, aiming to realize an autonomous smart factory.

Memory Division

The Memory Division is endeavoring to enter various markets, leveraging the strengths of its flash memories, controllers, and BiCS FLASH™. IoT is expected to spur the demand for storage products. To address new customer requirements, the Memory Division promotes the development of higher-density, high-capacity memories while striving to develop epoch-making solutions.

SSD Division

Solid-state drives (SSD) are data storage devices that use flash memories. Leveraging the strength of Toshiba Memory Corporation as a manufacturer of flash memories, the SSD Division is engaged in the research, design, manufacturing, and marketing of SSDs as well as the creation of new markets for SSDs. The SSD Division provides high-quality SSDs for a wide range of markets, including computer, enterprise, and data center SSD markets.

R&D Locations

R&D Locations(domestic)

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