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SLC NAND Flash Memory

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Our SLC NAND flash memory supports customers' business  with an extensive product lineup.

For a wide application

To meet diverse customers' application needs, Toshiba offers SLC* NAND flash memory products with a wide range of capacity points and multiple packaging options. The high read/write performance and write endurance of the Toshiba SLC NAND make it a superb choice for a broad spectrum of commercial and industrial applications. SLC NAND also provides a significant cost advantage compared with NOR flash memory.

Toshiba, the inventor of flash memory, has led the world in using successive generations of fabrication processes to steadily enhance its performance. Toshiba also offers BENAND™ that incorporates error checking and correction (ECC) and Serial Interface NAND that provides a serial peripheral interface for NAND flash interfacing. Thus, you can select the optimal SLC NAND according to your host ECC and memory interface requirements.

* SLC: single-level cell
* BENAND™: Built-in ECC NAND
* All other company names, product names, and service names mentioned herein may be trademarks of their respective companies.

SLC NAND Flash Memory Lineup

- SLC NAND products consist of three categories.
- Customers can select a suitable SLC NAND device according to the error correction capability and memory interface of host controller.

SLC NAND is adopted in a wide range of applications from consumer use to industrial use because of its high Read and Write speed and high reliability.

SLC NAND Block Diagram

BENAND™(Built-in ECC NAND) is a SLC NAND memory device which has an Internal Hardware ECC Engine.
Using BENAND it is possible for customers to use the latest 24nm SLC NAND flash memory technology even when their platform cannot support higher bit ECC.

BENAND Block Diagram

Serial Interface NAND is a SLC NAND memory device with Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI).
SPI is one of the most common interfaces in SoC today and is offered in small package size (WSON,SOP(*),BGA(**)).

Serial Interface NAND Block Diagram
* The ECC logic in Serial Interface NAND can be enabled and disabled by the customers.

* Please check the latest MP status with TMC sales representative regarding SOP package
** BGA package is under planning

Product List

List of SLC NAND
You can search the entire list of SLC NAND, based on characteristics.


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