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Toshiba Memory America, Inc. Management

Toshiaki Fujikawa
President and CEO

Mr. Fujikawa holds the position of President and CEO of Toshiba Memory America, Inc. A Toshiba veteran of 26 years, Mr. Fujikawa has held senior-level positions in Memory sales, marketing and management. As President and CEO, Mr. Fujikawa will oversee all aspects of TMA operations, including sales and marketing across product categories and R&D activities for next-generation storage products. Under his leadership, TMA will be focused on driving technology integration of its leading-edge flash memory products and SSDs across a wide range of applications. Mr. Fujikawa received his MBA from the University of Cambridge, and holds a Bachelor of Law degree from Waseda University. 

Steve Fingerhut
Senior Vice President and General Manager, Storage Business Unit

Steve Fingerhut is senior vice president and general manager of TMA’s SSD business unit. Steve joined the company in 2015 and manages Toshiba’s solid state drive and software development, marketing, support and operations across enterprise, data center and client segments. Steve comes to TMA with a wide range of experience, having held several senior strategic planning, product management and sales positions for SanDisk Corporation, LSI Corporation and Intel Corporation. He obtained a bachelor’s degree from Saint Louis University and an MBA from Yale University.

Scott Nelson
Senior Vice President and General Manager, Memory Business Unit

Scott Nelson, senior vice president and general manager of memory products business unit, is responsible for the sales and marketing of Toshiba’s flash memory products, including cutting-edge BiCS FLASH™ 3D memory solutions, e-MMC, UFS, SLC, and flash-based memory cards. Under his direction, these products are targeted for a variety of applications including emerging markets such as artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). In addition, TMA actively engages with NAND enablers (such as leading chipset and controller companies) across a variety of applications. Mr. Nelson joined Toshiba in 1986, and he has held numerous sales, marketing and product management positions within the company's memory business unit, leading up to his current position. Nelson holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in business and operations management from California State University at Fullerton, and an MBA from Pepperdine University.

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