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Interface lock function Mamolica™-Enabled SD Memory Cards

If a memory card is lost or stolen, there is a risk that important data might leak. Mamolica™ helps lower the risk of information leakage in the event of a lost or stolen card.

Key Features


The card works in tandem with an NFC-enabled smartphone or tablet to provide an enhanced level of security. Mamolica™ simplifies data protection.


To use the cards, you do not need to purchase any encryption software or new hardware devices. The cards can be used with any devices having an SD memory slot.

You can lock an SD memory card just by touching it with a smartphone. Mamolica™ lowers the risk of loss or theft of data.

Product Lineup

Mamolica™-enabled SD memory cards are available in two types designed for different applications.

Mamolica™ Standard Lock model

Mamolica™ Read Lock model

Usage scenarios

Mamolica™-enabled SD memory cards are suitable to protect sensitive information such as customer, personal, confidential, and undisclosed information. At present, Mamolica™-enabled SD memory cards are offered for broadcasters and over-the-top media service providers.

Usage scenarios

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