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Research paper

  • 2019

2019 Conference Presentation and Publication List

※:All authors at submission are basically Toshiba Memory employees. Written in English.

Investigation of Switching-Induced Local Defects in Oxide-Based CBRAM Using Expanded Analytical Model of TDDB
  • R. Ichihara, et al.
  • IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices, 66(5),8676360, pp. 2165-2171
A 25.6Gb/s Uplink-Downlink Interface Employing PAM-4-Based 4-Channel Multiplexing and Cascaded CDR Circuits in Ring Topology for High-Bandwidth and Large-Capacity Storage Systems
  • T. Toi, et al.
  • Digest of Technical Papers - IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference, pp. 478 - 480
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