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About Toshiba Storage Products


Toshiba Corporation (Toshiba) has remained at the forefront of the storage industry for over 40 years and offers the industry's most comprehensive range of storage technologies, from hard disk drives (HDDs), solid state hybrid drives (SSHDs), and solid state drives (SSDs) to NAND flash memories.  Toshiba is the storage supplier that owns design, development, manufacturing, sales, and other infrastructure functions spanning the enterprise, mobile, and consumer environments for both HDD and SSD products.  

As a leading provider of integrated storage solutions and as the inventor of NAND flash memory, Toshiba sets many of today’s industry standards for storage technology. Throughout its history, Toshiba has revolutionized the design and development of storage devices and its drives can be found inside the world's leading GPS navigation systems, consumer electronics, computers and enterprise solutions. In addition, Toshiba offers an extensive range of advanced technology drives such as high durability 24/7, extended temperature and SSDs for the consumer, industrial, enterprise and automotive sector.

Toshiba and its global group businesses will continue to deliver high-quality storage products with various kinds of form and function, focusing on high performance, high capacity, high reliability, and incorporating customers' requirement and future needs.

Product and Market

Storage systems and devices have become one of the most vital components of our ever expanding digital lifestyles.  Toshiba storage technologies are found at the heart of enterprise server and storage solutions as well as a wide range of consumer electronics, notebook and desktop computers, external storage solutions, and specialty applications including commercial systems, highly-secure mobile clients, and embedded industrial and automotive environments.  Leveraging the benefits of global product development and manufacturing, Toshiba can be a long-term provider to an established clientele of storage systems manufacturers, distributors, resellers, systems integrators, and retailers around the world.

(1) Enterprise Application

The enterprise market requires specialist knowledge and technology to support organizations that generate and store a massive amount of business data that must be accessible 24/7.  Enterprise computing systems – servers, workstations, SAN and NAS systems, RAID, storage subsystems, and cloud computing systems – demand a delicate balance of performance, efficiency, availability, and capacity.  With these factors in mind, Toshiba delivers a full range of enterprise storage HDDs and SSDs which enable customers to architect optimized solutions across all tiers of the enterprise.

(2) Client Application

Client HDDs deliver performance, capacity and power efficiency, and are the solution of choice for desktop and notebook PCs and other client systems applications.  Toshiba client HDDs are available in a range of capacities in standard form factors (2.5inch and 3.5inch) suitable for a broad range of applications.  Client SSDs offer fast transfer rates, high durability against shock and vibration, and light weight and low power comparing with Client HDDs.  Toshiba client SSDs can be applied to a wide range of applications from mobile computing to entry level servers including security-required systems.  Toshiba is one of the pioneers of small form factor HDDs and SSDs -- and is a consistent business and technology provider in the client market.

(3) Specialty Application

Toshiba Storage Products offer an extensive range of advanced technology drives such as high durability, extended temperature for the industrial, enterprise and automotive sectors.  Toshiba has partnered with the automotive industry and its suppliers for more than 10 years to perfect its auto-grade HDD technology.  Also, Toshiba has helped to ignite the start of the portable digital music devices revolution beginning with the form factor of 1.8-inch HDDs.  Toshiba has enjoyed market leadership in this form factor since 2000 and continues to ship these drives to specialty markets today.

Leading Innovation

Toshiba has been providing storage solutions worldwide since 1967 with the form factor of 14-inch HDDs and is one of the global leaders in HDDs' manufacturing, and marketing.  Not only as the first deliverer of 2.5-inch HDDs in 1991, or the first HDD manufacturer to commercialize PMR (perpendicular magnetic recording) head for HDDs in 2005, Toshiba has consistently produced products that offer customers flexibility and customization.

As the inventor of NAND flash memory, Toshiba also offers the reliable SSDs.  Since Toshiba’s first SSDs in 2008, Toshiba has remained in committing to supply industry leading quality.

Leveraging continual investment in research and development, we continue to push the boundaries of storage technology to meet customers' needs.


Toshiba Storage Products deploys a global innovation network, with product development centers and manufacturing located in Japan, China, United States, and the Philippines.  By integrating global collaboration with key strategic supplier relationships, we ensure that our product plans and strategies are attuned to the needs of our customers and the markets they serve.  The global network is advantageous not only in terms of the quality and speed of the innovation process but also in its cost-efficient performance and effectiveness.

Customer Commitment

As one of the innovation leaders, Toshiba closely collaborates with customers to develop new products that excite the marketplace and push conventions.  We understand that success is built on offering an unmatched total solution that includes the right product and extraordinary levels of service built on shared vision and strong execution.  Since producing its first HDD in 1967, Toshiba has spent decades developing strong partnerships with original equipment manufacturer (OEM) customers – some of the world's largest and best known systems and consumer electronics companies.  Whether in capacity, power, form factor, reliability, security, or the development of next generation technologies, Toshiba will lead the way with innovative storage technologies for products and solutions that help our customers deliver exciting products to market.


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