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Our Approach to Solving Global Social Issues

Through developing, manufacturing, and selling memory and SSDs, Toshiba Memory Group contributes to developing electronic equipment with a larger capacity, higher speed, smaller size, and power-saving capabilities closely related to people’s lives, as well as data centers and data servers that support advanced information-oriented society.

Through our business activities, we create new value by grasping trends in the international community and communicating with various stakeholders. In doing so, we contribute to developing a better society.

Recognition of Global Social Issues

Global Social Issues that Toshiba Memory Group recognizes

Sphere of activities

  • Increasing the capacity and speed while reducing the size and energy consumption of electronic equipment that is indispensable to smartphones, automated driving, Internet of Things (IoT), and artificial intelligence (AI).
  • Solutions for the enormous volume of data processing in an advanced information-based society

Toshiba Memory Group's Businesses

Development, manufacturing and sales of memory and related products, and related business

Latest Capital Input and Financial Results

Human Capital Employees  Approx. 11,000 (As of April 2017)  Financial Results Net Sales \ 1,204.9 Billion (FY2017 Actual) Operating Income \ 479.1 Billion (FY2017 Actual)  Manufacturing Capital Capital Investment  \ 479.1 Billion (FY2017 Actual)

Toshiba Group’s Solutions

Value We Create

Providing storage devices that meet the demand for increasing capacity and speed, and conserving space
  • Realizing convenient and comfortable living conditions through providing inexpensive and resilient storage infrastructures.
  • Further spreading IoT- and AI-related technologies and the resulting improved productivity of society
Reducing CO2 emissions through business activities and energy-saving products
  • Realizing a global environment where people around the world can live safely and with peace of mind through reduced climate change
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