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Message from the Executive in Charge of CSR

Toshiba Memory Group aims to be a company trusted by stakeholders. Tomoharu Watanabe Chief Operating Officer Vice President

Toshiba Memory Group has been providing convenience to the lives of people around the world as well as contributing to the development of industry and society through supplying NAND flash memory and SSD that is indispensable to many electronic devices, such as smartphones and servers. As the structure of industry changes and grows in the future through technical innovation, we will contribute to the development of a sustainable society through providing cutting-edge technologies and products.

In the meantime, as the globalization of our business advances day by day, the expectations and demands placed on companies by society, such as contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions under the Paris Agreement and participation in the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), are growing steadily. In response to such expectations and demands, while not just observing laws and regulations as well as social norms, we will strive to contribute to solving social issues through business operations.

In FY2017, we selected "Respect for Human Rights," "Promotion of Diversity," "CSR Management in the Supply Chain," and "Environment" as especially important CSR issues in conducting our business. In FY2018, all of us in the Toshiba Memory Group work together to deepen these activities.

Toshiba Memory Group will continue to aim to become a company trusted by stakeholders and steadily move to the next step by sincerely committing to CSR activities.

Tomoharu Watanabe
Chief Operating Officer
Vice President

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