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CSR Management

Toshiba Memory Group promotes CSR management with the aim of enriching people’s lives and expanding society’s horizons through innovative products and services as defined in our corporate philosophy.

Through communication and collaboration with a range of stakeholders such as customers, suppliers, employees, and their families, we will gain an understanding of issues that affect them and build relationships with them founded on trust.

Definition of CSR

Toshiba Memory Group clearly defines CSR so that every employee and executive officer recognize it in common.

CSR Management of Toshiba Memory Group:

Continuing to develop together with the community for many years to come while enriching the lives of people through business, as well as fulfilling our responsibilities as a member of the community

Organization of CSR Management

In order to promote CSR management that is integral to corporate management, in October 2017 Toshiba Memory Group established a team responsible for CSR within the Business Planning Division of Toshiba Memory Corporation.
In November of the same year, we appointed a person in charge of CSR and CSR promotional staff to each department closely related to CSR management. The CSR Governance Committee, which comprises these members, meets monthly to deliberate and determine CSR-related measures and how to promote them.
The Committee reports its decisions to the Board of Directors through the Executive Officer in charge of CSR, and communicates them to each business site and across all the group companies to promote implementation of the measures.

CSR Management Structure

CSR Management Structure

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