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Quality Control

Toshiba Memory Group considers that our greatest mission is providing our customers with safe and reliable products, and as such we are striving to improve quality. In addition, we make sure to disclose product safety, security, and quality information to customers.

Quality Control Policy (As of FY2017)

In accordance with the basic commitment of Toshiba Memory Corporation (TMC) based on doing the living of people wealthily and widen social possibility by continuing reclaiming the advanced memory technology and service, providing the product which of high quality, considered security, environment adapting to customer requirements by a creative technique and continuous value pursuit.

Toshiba Memory’s Basic Policy on Quality Assurance:

  1. We comply with laws and regulation requirements and produce the products which met the quality reliability that the customer requires.
  2. We perform manufacturing of quality in a mass production stage from a design and development stage and work on the improvement of securing of product security, consideration to environment and the technical level positively.
  3. We aim for essential improvement by pursuing root causes and continually improve the quality management system.

Standard of Conduct on Quality Assurance

  1. We engage in quality assurance from the customers' point of view.
  2. We observe relevant laws and contracts and respect the rights of customers and third parties.
  3. We maintain quality systems aimed at achieving 100% quality.
  4. We ensure that all of our departments and all of our employees act on this Quality Control Policy.
  5. We aim for essential improvement by investigating the root causes of process failures and aim for prevention through risk analysis.
  6. We collect, analyze and appropriately disclose information with the aim of preventing quality incidents.

Standard of Conduct on Product Safety and Product Security

  1. We observe both Japanese and overseas laws and regulations related to product safety and product security.
  2. We collect, and proactively disclose, a wide range of information about product accidents.
  3. We immediately report any product accident to the authorities concerned in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.
  4. We promptly inform customers when a need arises to recall and repair products.
  5. We appropriately raise caution and display warnings when deemed necessary in order to help people use its products in a safe manner.
  6. If an accident should occur, we carry out a thorough analysis of the causes and take necessary measures to prevent it from recurring. We also strive to prevent accidents by predicting risk at the design stage.
  7. We strive to eliminate vulnerabilities from products prior to shipment.
  8. We collect a wide range of information on product vulnerabilities in order to reduce risk.
  9. We widely provide product security measures in cooperation with the relevant organizations.

Structure of Promoting Quality Control

Toshiba Memory Group has implemented a structure to strengthen our quality-related activities. Led by our CEO, we hold a quality control meeting twice a year in which our Quality Officers, Vice Presidents, Technology Executives, General Managers, and Senior Managers participate to discuss and decide on quality policy relating to important matters. The participants also evaluate the appropriateness and validity of quality management and risk measures. We communicate decisions made during the meetings to business divisions and ensure that they go into action.

Structure of Promoting Quality Control of Toshiba Group
(As of July 1, 2017)

Structure of Promoting Quality Control of Toshiba Group

Structure of Response to the Occurrence of Product Accidents

Information on accidents involving Toshiba Memory products in the market is grasped by the Toshiba Memory CEO, who is also the Chief Quality Executive Officer, or the Executive Vice President, who is the Chief Operation Officer (Quality Executive), through the “CPL*1 Incident Response Liaison.” We then take necessary action after consulting with the “QS*2 Risk Committee.”

No serious quality accidents occurred in FY2017.

*1 CPL is an abbreviation combining CL (contractual liability) and PL (product liability).

*2 QS is an abbreviation of Quality and Safety.

Structure to Respond to Occurrence of Product Accidents
(As of July 1, 2017)

Structure to Respond to Occurrence of Product Accidents

Improving the QMS

Toshiba Memory Group obtains certifications including ISO9001, which is the basis of quality management systems; ISO/TS16949, a more advanced system. Rather than merely assessing whether products meet the requirements of these standards, we also endeavor to improve their effectiveness. Therefore, we evaluate the products’ maturity annually, based on the eight principles of QMS and other guidelines.

Improving the Quality of Design

In order to enhance our capabilities to ensure product quality at the design stage, Toshiba Memory Group is promoting FMEA (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis), to prevent defects from upstream.

The aim of this activity is to enhance quality by anticipating failures or defects, called failure modes, targeting product design and processes in the upstream stages of development. We are implementing practical education to broaden the base of FMEA activities, leading to better FMEA.

Disclosure of Information on Quality

Toshiba Memory Group discloses quality information on its website.

  • Quality Guidelines
  • Reliability Handbook
  • Handling Precautions and Requests
  • Abbreviation Collection
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