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Respect for Human Rights

Toshiba Memory Group has established Standards of Conduct as a set of values that should be shared by all its employees to achieve our Basic Commitment and Vision. In accordance with one of the Standards—Integrity (always work on tasks with integrity, justice, and fairness)—we commit to respecting human rights.

Policy and Framework for Respect for Human Rights

It is the fundamental assumption that a company conducting business in the international community understands the culture of respective countries and regions as well as diverse values, and respects the basic rights of people. Toshiba Memory Group promotes activities with reference to ISO26000, which is an international standard concerning the social responsibilities of organizations.

As the promotion framework, we arranged a staff responsible for human rights enlightenment within the Human Resources and General Affairs Department of Toshiba Memory Corporation. The staff regularly participates in internal and external lectures to obtain the latest social trends.

Identification of Human Rights Risks

In FY2017, Toshiba Memory Group created a risk map for the value chain based on ISO26000 to identify human rights risks in business activities.

Also, we will enhance our efforts to monitor the implementation of human rights initiatives, we will perform CSR surveys targeting both Toshiba Memory Group companies and our suppliers, and Conflict Minerals surveys.

Education and Enlightenment on Respect for Human Rights

We provide trainings on human rights at the time of hire and employees get appointed to managerial positions.

Establishment of Whistleblower System and Consulting Service

Whistleblower System "Risk Hotline" for Employees

Toshiba Memory Group established a whistleblower system "Risk Hotline" to collect internal information via email and telephone on Toshiba Group Standards of Conduct violations, particularly those concerning laws and regulations, and to deal with wrongdoing. Under this system, an employee can report an incident and seek advice. Employees are protected from retaliation and must not be treated disadvantageously on the grounds that they provided such information.

Consulting Services "Employee Consultation Room"

Toshiba Memory Group established an "Employee Consultation Room," where employees can get individual advice. Employees can anonymously consult full-time counselors on workplace culture and interpersonal relations, personnel moves, sexual harassment, or bullying, etc. by phone, FAX, e-mail, or letter. One male and one female counselor address employee concerns together to create an inclusive and comfortable working environment.

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