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Occupational Health and Safety

It is vital for each and every employee to maintain and strengthen both his or her mental and physical health in order to shine and flourish professionally. This, in turn, is only possible in a safe and comfortable work environment. Toshiba Memory Group supports employees' OHS*.

* In this section, "Occupational Health and Safety" is abbreviated to "OHS"

Policy on OHS

The Toshiba Memory Group OHS Management Policy was established in April 2017 in response to the declaration of commitment to OHS by the top management with a goal of all employees sharing the commitment.

Toshiba Memory OHS Policy

Toshiba Memory OHS Policy

Toshiba Memory Corporation is a global enterprise active in businesses centering on the development, prototyping, manufacture, and other areas of memory semiconductor products, with a focus on NAND flash memory. We conduct all activities according to the Basic Commitment of the Toshiba Group and our corporate philosophy, "Committed to People, Committed to the Future," and extend full respect to the culture and customs of the societies in which we operate. In our business conduct, we place the highest priority on human life, safety and legal compliance, and throughout our operations in our company, we endeavor to create safe and healthy workplace environments.

  1. We position OHS as one of the most important issues for management, and strive to prevent occupational injury and disease in the workplace and continually improve OHS management.

  2. We comply with legally mandated requirements as well as with other standards that relate to the Toshiba Group's OHS code.

  3. We set objectives and targets and act decisively to:
    1) Eradicate occupational accidents and disease in the workplace, and take measures to extract and mitigate risks (human elements, human characteristics, physical factors, chemical factors) that may cause such accidents and disease, including
    i. Stationary and non-stationary risks involved in the overall operational processes
    ii. Risks associated with introducing, improving, maintaining, etc. equipment
    iii. Chemical dangers and toxicity risk
    iv. Confirming the effectiveness of actions against residual risks (management risk, in particular) through continual evaluation, monitoring and measurement, and ensuring we have the maintain capacity to do so.
    v. Risks attributable to the construction and startup work arising from the expansion of clean rooms
    vi. Raising safety awareness to improve awareness to risk locations as well as safety-oriented behaviors and activities outside the office and during business trips, and toward building a safety culture that encourages people to pay attention to each other.
    2) Develop measures to mitigate the risk of accidents attributable to critical factors such as traffic at-fault accidents and two-wheeler traffic accidents
    3) Ensure that all employees demonstrate their abilities.

  4. We expect our suppliers and subcontractors to promote OHS in order to ensure the safety and health of everyone involved in Toshiba Memory Group's business.

  5. We proactively disclose our commitment to OHS and the results we achieve to contribute to improving the standards of OHS management across society in general.

April 1, 2017
Yasuo Naruke, President and CEO, Toshiba Memory Corporation

Promotion of OHS

Toshiba Memory Group is placing health and safety supervisors within the Human Resources and Administration Division of each group company to support OHS activities among employees.

Toshiba Memory Group OHS Management Structure (as of April 2017)

Toshiba Memory Group OHS Management Structure

OHS Management System

Toshiba Memory Group introduced OHSAS 18001*, an international certification standard for labor safety and health management system to its OHS management system.

This visible OHS management system enables us to identify and assess OHS issues and make continuous improvements to reduce risks in accordance with legal compliance.

Since even before the introduction of this system, Toshiba Memory Group has been striving to improve safety management through the consistent efforts of our organizations and individual employees in their daily activities. Among such efforts, small workplace groups undertake a variety of activities on an ongoing basis. These activities include workplace improvement programs, education and training to increase risk awareness and activities to check whether appropriate practices are being carried out. By combining safety management based on employee networks with the OHSAS 18001-based management system, Toshiba Memory Group will further improve our safety management.

*OHSAS 18001: OHS Assessment Series

Raising Awareness and Education on OHS

CSR Conference

Toshiba Memory Group has been striving to generate greater awareness about OHS management among employees. As part of this effort, we participated in the awards ceremony for companies and operation sites that set an example for others for excellent OHS-related activities in FY2017. This ceremony took place during the Toshiba Group CSR Conference.

Education on OHS

Toshiba Memory Group endeavors to enhance our employees' understanding and skills in OHS. On top of the education required by the Industrial Safety and Health Act, we implement education programs for employees who are newly appointed to OHS-related posts, as well as for mid-career OHS employees. We also run practical training programs devised by each operational site.

Occurrence of Occupational Accidents

Toshiba Memory Group will continue to implement further measures to prevent occupational accidents. In particular, we will prioritize the reduction of hazardous risks that could lead to serious injuries and illnesses and conduct a risk assessment of all workplaces and tasks. Applying the results of this risk assessment, we will identify current and potential risks, review work methods, and systematically take necessary measures to reduce and eliminate such risks. Furthermore, the Group will improve facilities and provide comprehensive OHS training for all employees.

Frequency of Lost-Time Injuries at Toshiba Memory Group in Japan

FY2017: 0.263%

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