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Corporate Governance

Toshiba Memory Group is reinforcing our governance system to improve the corporate value.

Policy and Structure of Corporate Governance (As of FY2017)

Toshiba Memory is a company with company auditors, and has developed a group governance structure in which the performance of duties by directors is audited by company auditors. We have appointed three company auditors (FY2017).

The core of the Toshiba Memory group governance structure comprises the Board of Directors which consists of six persons: the President & CEO, the Executive Vice President (COO) and Head of the Memory Division, the Chief Financial Officer (CFO), the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), the Chief Production Officer (CPO), and the Head of SSD Division.

As Toshiba Memory's Chief Executive Officer, the CEO is responsible to shareholders in making decisions on the company's important matters. The CEO also steers Toshiba Memory's business by demonstrating the synergetic effects of broadly and optimally managing the resources of Toshiba Memory and its group companies.

Corporate Governance Structure (As of FY2017)

Corporate Governance Structure

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