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Biodiversity Preservation

Planting flowers

In Yokkaichi Operations, we are promoting the flower project to fill our factory with flowers for improving environmental consciousness, for improve our factory's image, or for creating a healing space.

In 2017, a kickoff event of this project was held in our factory, in which the general manager and many employees were participated.

Flower project kickoff event
Flower project kickoff event

Yokkaichi Operations’ biodiversity preservation activities

We are making efforts to understand how our business activities that may have an impact on biodiversity as well as what kind of impact such activities have on biodiversity, in order to minimize their impact on ecosystems.

The Nature Study Association of Mie Prefecture Yokkaichi Nishi High School is promoting the "Owl Protection Project" at the northern region of Suzuka Mountains. Yokkaichi Operations, Mie Prefecture, Yokkaichi City, Inabe City, and Komono town, those who endorsed this activity, concluded the Mie Biodiversity Partnership Agreement in March 2018. Along with this partnership, we will support the program through providing equipment, aiming to hand over abundant regional nature to our next generation.

Yokkaichi Operations’ biodiversity preservation activities

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