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Message from the Chief Technology Officer

Toshiba Memory Corporation undertakes R&D of the cutting-edge memory technologies necessary to support a sophisticated information society in the future. Nobuo Hayasaka Executive Vice President and Executive Officer Chief Technology Officer

Toshiba Memory Corporation has been leading the industry in the field of NAND flash memory and high-capacity, high-performance 3D flash memory (BiCS FLASH™). Accompanying the ongoing development of the big-data infrastructure, artificial intelligence (AI), and the Internet of Things (IoT), the amount of data produced worldwide is expected to continue to explode in the years ahead. To address this situation, we need to increase the capacity and improve the performance of flash memories and solid-state drives (SSDs).

It is becoming ever more crucial to develop high-capacity memories and SSDs for various applications, including personal devices (such as PCs and mobile phones) and data centers, as well as for industrial, automotive, and wireless communication applications. Memory devices are the pillar that will support the information society of the future.

We are developing a wide range of cutting-edge technologies necessary for the development of such flash memories, including device, circuit, process, and system technologies, and manufacturing technologies incorporating artificial intelligence.

Our focus is on enhancing our technological development capabilities to continue supplying 3D flash memory chips and SSDs using the world’s leading technologies.

We are also committed to developing new types of memory devices and storage systems in order to explore new business areas for the future. For this purpose, we are promoting people-to-people exchange through collaboration with our customers and joint efforts between industry and academia, in addition to spurring in-house development initiatives. These efforts are also aimed at cultivating young scientists and engineers both inside and outside the company and supporting their R&D activities.

Nobuo Hayasaka,
Executive Vice President and Executive Officer
Chief Technology Officer

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